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Training at DBC requires an active Monthly Membership ($50). The weekly training fee is $35/week. Your membership account serves as your payment source. The weekly training fee is charged to your account each Friday afternoon on a recurring basis as long as the student is on the training schedule. 

In order to protect the integrity of the training program, there is a NO CANCELLATION POLICY. In the event a training session has to be missed, a student can make up the missed session later that week, or double up the following week.

Our athletes receive 24hr access to the training facility including FULL USE of all equipment including the pitching Machines and Hittrax System

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Training Policy and Pricing

Coach Kirkland implements DBC's Power Torque Rotational Hitting System into advanced training for serious Softball Hitters. The philosophy to develop consistent, powerful hitters ensures each player reaches their long term potential as hitters, without the limitations placed on them for immediate shortlived results. If you are interested in becoming an elite Fastpitch hitter, contact us today.

FastPitch Hitting Development